The GRAND MASONIC LODGE OF SERBIA (GMLS) is an independent, sovereign, and regular masonic organization dedicated to the pure and brilliant idea of Freemasonry, in the way it was conceived and carved through the centuries, and codified in Anderson’s Constitution and Old Charges from 1723.

It was founded on June 8, 2006, in Belgrade, under the name “Grand United Lodge of Serbia”, thus fulfilling the desire of Brothers from three Grand Serbian Brotherhoods of the time, to unite their masonic work by the act of unification. At the Regular Annual Assembly in 2008, the Brotherhood decided to change the name of the Grand Lodge to “Grand Masonic Lodge Of Serbia”.

During 2009, the first fraternal contacts were established with the Brothers from National Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Italy 1805 (Gran Loggia Nazionale dei Liberi Muratori d’Italia 1805). Fraternal recognition and the desire to work together soon followed. Shortly afterward the two Grand Lodges exchanged Patents of mutual recognition in 2011.

At the session of the Confederation of Grand Lodges of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, on May 21, 2011, in Sofia, the Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia was accepted as a full member of this international masonic association. With the accession of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Austria into the Confederation in 2013, and due to the orientation of the Brethren towards a broader geographical and spiritual space, the need arose for the Confederation to change its name to the Confederation of Grand Lodges of Europe and the Mediterranean (CGLEM).

The current generation of our Brothers, wishing to turn a page in history and symbolically mark a new beginning in the work of GMLS, sent a request to the Brotherhood of the National Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Italy 1805, with whom they established a particularly close relationship, to consecrate our Grand Lodge. The ceremony took place on October 25, 2014, in Belgrade, in the unique rite of “Laying the Cornerstone in Solomon’s Temple” when the Grand Officers of the National Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Italy 1805, led by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Bro. R. I. consecrated the Cornerstone of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia.

Consecration of the Cornerstone of GMLS, Belgrade, October 25, 2014
Today, the Brotherhood of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia (GMLS) consists of three Lodges that work under its protection: Lodge No.1 POBRATIM (“The Blood Brother”), Lodge No.2 VASELJENA (“The Universe”), and Lodge No.3 ISTINA (“The Truth”).

The Brethren of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia, among whom are also several free men in good standing who actively participated in the renewal of Freemasonry in Serbia in the early 1990s, have chosen to go towards the Light in their column, consistently and with a pure heart. Being aware that there is no haste nor shortcuts on that Path, we respect at the same time all the other Brothers in Serbia and the World who share the same ideals and values.

At a time when the Earth and our civilization are facing great changes and challenges, the task of Freemasonry is to find its place and role in the modern world, while remaining faithful to its fundamental values and ideals. We respect every human being because we stand for the brotherhood of all people. We understand that belonging to our Idea is just one of the many choices that every free man faces in the 21st century. In our opinion, the primary goal of Freemasonry is not in a large number of members at any cost, but in the quality of the Brothers who comprise the Chain of Union. We believe that the right path lies in self-improvement, in orientation towards spirituality and esotericism, and with a constant re-evaluation of our work. That is the choice of our Brotherhood and the path we have chosen.

For the people who share the same values and ideals, the doors of our Temple are open. Thus, if you seek Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, you’ve got closer to the goal!

The Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia is inscribed into the Register of the Social and Political Organizations at the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia, by decision no. 130-024-00-00458 / 2009-07.